Natural, intimate, rooted in a long tradition

A cheerful attitude, sincere cordiality and a flair for the out-of-the-ordinary – these were the ingredients of how, for many years, our granny made our holidays at Haus Erika an unforgettable experience: Sumptuous meals, cosy evenings in good company, forging friendships for a lifetime. With such memories, it was only natural that we should cling to these values when we remodelled our Residence. True to tradition we named it “Villa Calluna”, after the nice-sounding botanical name of the shrub Erica. Its architecture combines alpine charm and modern clearness of line, gives ample room to your wishes for withdrawal or togetherness, peaceful quiet or openness. Have it your way, just as you want your holidays to be.

The Haidacher family

Villa Calluna - Via-Dott.-Daimer 23 - I-39032 Campo Tures
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