Wellness Holiday for Body and Soul

Enjoy some natural wellness during the day in the heart of beautiful valley and mountain landscapes. Recharge your batteries. Breathe in inspiring scents passing by waterfalls, the shade of a tree, and flowering meadows. The resinous scent of the forest in autumn, the alpine scent of freshly cut hay in spring. Recharge your batteries while bathing in the forest and immerse yourself in the wonderful Calluna oasis of well-being.
You must offer something good to the body
so that the soul wants to live in it.
Teresa of Avila

Pure & Crystal-Clear Water

The streams that flow and twist beneath the stones are a source of life for the world, trees, and plants. At the foot of the majestic mountains, you find the way to countless waterfalls, which flow majestically down into the valley.

Clear Spring Water
Perfect for immersing, floating, and swimming, here you can relax and unwind.
Let your thoughts flow on the whirlpool bench and fill your soul with impressions of landscapes.

Take a Sauna!

Taking a sauna is considered beneficial for the body and soul. Visit our small sauna world with Finnish sauna, steam bath, infrared cabin, and aroma shower.

Sweating Feels Good!This is the reason why in Finland they have been taking saunas for centuries.

And it Keeps You Healthy!
A full wellness experience that we don't want to keep from you during your holiday in Sand in Taufers. Close your eyes and enjoy the moments of peace.

Our Lovely Garden

In our alpine garden not only aromatic herbs are growing, but also precious holiday memories. It is a cozy quiet zone where you can sit or lay on the sun lounger, read a good book, have a good talk with someone, or take some minutes to meditate. Sometimes, the sun is shining, sometimes it starts to drizzle. Sometimes a snail crawls on the grass and sometimes butterflies are flying just like our thoughts in the air.

Relaxation Area

Small, nice, and full of inspiration. The wonderful atmosphere, which you can perceive in our relaxation area will be the ideal place to be after you have taken a sauna. Do you prefer to relax outside? In that case, you can use our space outdoors - a cozy terrace with a seating area. You will immediately feel in a good harmonious feng-shui place.

Ready for your vacation?

Relax and unwind
Carmen can’t wait to meet you